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Knowledge Nugget #814

Is your curb appealing? Or appalling?

The level of care you provide and the atmosphere of your practice only matter if you get those new clients in the door. Is your front door welcoming?

Your clients gather a lot of information about your hospital before they even lay eyes on your staff or meet you in the exam room.

The health and well being of their pet is their ultimate priority. When a client approaches your doors and sees how well you care for your practice, they gauge how well you will care for their pet.

Does the view from the “curb” communicate the best message for your business? Or does your appearance convey something else?

Curb appeal doesn’t require a curb; it’s simply the crucial first impression of your business. Do you realize how you really look at first glance?

Do you even remember what your front door looks like? When was the last time you parked in your parking lot and walked in the front door and saw your practice through the client’s eyes?

So, what can you do?

Appraise the front of your building. You can appraise it yourself or, even better, get an honest, independent assessment of that first impression.

Keep in mind the image you want to project. If your entry looks outdated or ignored, will your client think that you’re outdated and that you’ll ignore their pet? How do you think this will impact your business?

Pay attention to details and the details will pay you. It’s not enough for one part of your hospital to be pristine and in good repair. Collectively, the details communicate competence and value on a subliminal level.

Your hospital’s appearance is saying something to those who view it. Is it saying what you want it to say?

We’d love to hear from you. What questions do you have about the value of a hospital’s curb appeal?

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